Thursday, March 29, 2012


Clocktree Park

The kitten meets me every day. I sit by the fire and wait. There is a tacit agreement between the two of us. I don’t try to grab him and he sits close to me. The fire is on. I wait. The kitten is black and white. His eyes belong to two different worlds; one is blue, the other green. When he looks at me, I wonder what those eyes have already seen. Deep inside, I want to take that kitten home. I would be able to take care of him, feed him, give him a warm bed, and above all, companionship. But that kitten has a wild soul that drives him to stay outside, to be free. And so I just sit here, by the fire, and wait for him. That day the kitten walked towards me, sat by me and watched the fire with me. After a few minutes, he stood up. I stood up. And we walked away in different directions. The kitten will be a cat soon. And I’ll be here, every day, waiting for him, sitting by him and watching the fire together.


  1. Gat Uno3/29/2012

    I wish I was that kitten to be able to sit with you at least once, by the fire, nevertheless I am happy to sit each day here , reading your stories. Your writings are the fire and when I close my eyes I can see you and tell you I am here with you everyday.

    1. Awwww! Thank you for your words of encouragement. :)