Monday, March 5, 2012


Mare Serenitatis - The Serene Sea

The concert was about to start and she was nervous. A long time had passed since the last one. The crowd’s murmur filled the room. She had decided to play for a selected group only in a private presentation to get reacquainted with the tension and the pressure. She entered, they applauded. She sat down and started playing. Half way through the first piece of the program, the piano stopped giving sound. She pushed the keys again and again and nothing. People in the audience looked at one another baffled. It had to play, at least a dry muffled stomp, but there was nothing at all. After a few seconds, someone in the small crowd suddenly stood up and started clapping effusively while everyone else looked at him puzzled, to what he said “Fantastic interpretation! You have brilliantly turned it into a fragment!”. Disconcerted and fearful of the general reaction, she avoided looking at the room, but when everyone else started applauding as well with cheers of “Bravo! Bravo!”, she stood up, took a bow and vowed to herself never to play the piano again. She didn’t like fragments.


  1. ShakespeareInLove3/05/2012

    Brilliant!! Thank you, I loved it.