Sunday, May 31, 2020


Collins Land

A few photographs hung from the string of lights. She couldn't remember them. Who was this guy? Where was this photo taken? Her gaze floated from photo to photo, her perplexity increasing.
But then she stopped. The beach. The pebbles. She remembered that.
She looked at the stranger standing beside her.
The stranger nodded.
"You're my son," she said, smiling.
The stranger teared up. "Yes, Mom, I'm your son. We used to go to this beach when I was a kid."
"And you used to pile up the pebbles and say Look, Mom. You were so proud of yourself!"
100 Word Stories

Sunday, May 24, 2020


I found the page of a book in the forest. I read it. It didn't make much sense. Then, I found another page, and another. I continued down the path and found more pages. I sat down and ordered them. Damn... No page one... I wandered about, trying to find it, until I reached a cabin. Page one was right there. I picked it up and was about to leave when a voice, coming from inside, said "I was expecting you". I've read many pages since, and Old Patrick, the voice, always closes his eyes and smiles while I read.
100 Word Stories

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive

France Portnawak

The three brothers were alone. The conversation started amicably, but it became bitter very quickly. Accusations flew. The past came back to haunt each one of them. "It wasn't my fault," each would yell. And time went by, the hours long and heavy. No solution in sight. "Nobody gets out of here before we reach an agreement," said the eldest. And no one did. At least, not alive. The widows sobbed, and winked. That bourbon was great. Then, they went on a cruise, enjoying the money their husbands weren't able to divide. Unfortunately, the cruise sank. Karma is a bitch.

Sunday, May 10, 2020


Amar en Meleth

In a nutshell... The chemistry wasn't right. So, I decided to burn it all, but burn it with style. The documentary didn't make justice to the whole process. It was a masterpiece! I tried to make it as simple as possible. I drew the lines. But it wasn't easy. Everything was a bit wiggly. The actual procedure only took place afterwards, of course. And.. It did burn for quite a bit. I had no idea it would take that long. On top of it all, it didn't work properly. If it had I wouldn't be here, would I, your honor?

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Ecology Rash


Lessons in Ecology? No one would dare. He knew far more than all of them put together. He'd spent decades studying the subject. He was "the expert". And he was damn proud of that too. He'd lectured all over the world. He had written so many books that he'd forgotten most of them. These books had been translated to languages from all over the world.
So, when that rash started, he blamed it on the new exotic plant, a gift from a colleague.
He was certainly not an expert on Psychology. He didn't count on something as simple as jealousy.

Sunday, April 26, 2020


Candia Urban Lounge

"Sanitize this, sanitize that, that's all we hear these days. How about sanitizing at a larger scale?"
The staff sat around the oval table in the meeting room, motionless.
"We just have to have political courage, that's all."
No one uttered a word.
"We start small first and see if anyone complains."
A few people shifted in their chairs, the discomfort growing.
"If the media don't pick up on it, we go bigger. It'll save money too."
The silence was overwhelming.
"OK, then. It's decided. We'll start next week."
They started with the old and the lonely. No one noticed.

Sunday, April 19, 2020



"...neurotransmitters that communicate with the dendrites," said the professor standing in front of a large group of students. She didn't need a class on Biology, but she didn't feel like having to wait in the cold for two hours. So, she'd joined that class. Things took a bad turn though when the professor asked her about the damn dendrites and the only thing she could think of was "...stress induces atrophy of apical dendrites". She had no clue where she had read that, but everyone seemed impressed. She smiled and decided that, from then on, she'd wait in the cold.

Sunday, April 12, 2020



Don't go.
Don't go for a walk.
Don't go to the beach.
No, don't swim.
Don't sit and bury your fingers in the golden sand.
Don't build castles and little houses that will crumble with the tide, and mountains with little steps on the side so little imaginary people could climb them safely, their toes feeling the warmth of the sun as they tread upwards.
Don't stand so close.
Don't sneeze and laugh and cough.
Don't breathe.
Don't wrap your arms around a sad shoulder.
Don't breathe.
Don't take things for granted.
Don't breathe.
Don't be...

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Asalia House

The radio was on and a tired voice repeated their names. These were the names of poor souls lost forever.
The authorities tried to warn everyone. No one cared. Everyone continued to do as they had always done.
The tears came first. They thought it was due to too much exposure to flash lights.
And then they simply disappeared into thin air, as happened when the light is turned off and darkness takes over.
The radio repeated the names because they were considered missing persons, but they weren't missing. They were gone. They were gone into unbearably impossible killer selfies.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Il Nido

"This is a magical device. You open it and things jump at your face and hit your eyes. As you touch it, you may have an allergic reaction and sneeze, especially if the device is quite old. But... beware. You must hide it. You must hide it carefully. This device was brought to us millions and millions of years ago by the humans."
"What could jump out of it?"
"Human dust?"
"But also words, and ideas, and doubts, and questions."
"Human questions?"
"No, just questions."
"Will they make me smile?"
"Yes, they'll make you smile a human smile."

Sunday, March 22, 2020


France Portnawak

The tour of the Gulf was such a nice idea. The fresh air, the birds flying close-by. The tour of the Gulf was also cheap. No one wanted fresh air and rain, birds flying close-by and pooping.
So, they embarked.
"Wonderful adventure", "Unique opportunity", "An experience you'll never forget".
Yes, it sure was unforgettable, especially when the boat tilted dramatically to one side and people screamed at the top of their lungs, scaring the poor birds away. Fresh air was something difficult to find too. Everyone was sick and bird poop was not exactly the worst thing happening that day.

Sunday, March 15, 2020



At the gate, the entangled cables covered the walls and sneaked through. No one knew what they were for, and no one asked. As the days went by, more cables appeared, increasing the entanglement of the hopelessly entangled mess.
And then came the kid. He unplugged all the cables, straightened them up, and plugged them all back in. It took him a while too. But he was pleased with himself. He smiled and walked away.
No one in town had the heart to complain about the hours with no power. But they did make sure to avoid any future entanglements.

Sunday, March 8, 2020


Il Nido

I recall the fresh sandwiches wrapped in tinfoil, the extra juice in a clear bottle, Agatha Christie's books packed in twos just in case I could read a whole book in a few hours.
The stubborn folded chairs, the clean towels, and the golden sand, sneaking through the seams.
The waves, the wind, and the seagulls fluttering about, announcing a storm.
"It's your turn," someone said.
I look at my pieces and I have nothing but an apple. The tray beams with words, but my only thought is... The sun still shines. They are gone... But the sun still shines.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The End of The Rope


"Tie a knot and hang on... I'll tie a knot around their necks. Be happy and blah blah blah..."
She was grumpy all the time. The neighbors would always scatter away in all directions, hiding from her.
And then came a bird. She scared it away, but the bird came back, again and again. And it brought a little twig, then another, and soon there was a nest. And baby birds!
She opened a bit of the window and gave the mommy some seeds she had bought.
No one could believe it when, one day, she simply said "Good morning!".

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Hot Potato


"This is a problem."
Everyone nodded and looked at the entrance of the tunnel.
"This is a huge problem."
Everyone nodded some more and looked at the entrance of the tunnel.
"What if we close it down?"
All eyes landed on the unfortunate soul who uttered such nonsense.
"It'll be the end of the town!"
Everyone looked back at the entrance of the tunnel.
"There's a light over there," whispered the unfortunate soul.
"We know, it's the hole caused by the landslide."
"There's a light..."
"Stop it!"
The light at the end of the tunnel was not the hole.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Tim's Dreams by Romy Nayar

Who was that man, everyone wondered.
He wore a long coat and pulled around a big box with wheels. The box had a small window and the kids tried to look inside. That made him mad.
Who was that man, everyone thought.
One day, he walked into the water, small waves splashing on his ankles. He stood there for a long time, the box left unattended on the sand.
Then, something happened. The lid of the box opened but no one saw anything.
However, when she reached the water, she appeared. She smiled and swam away.
Who was that man...

Sunday, February 9, 2020


Natural Mignon Colore

Going back, that's all she thought about, going back and sitting on that bench under the pergola, under the sky, close to her dreams...
She used to have dreams. She used to sit there and smile, looking up and enjoying the colors of the sunset. She used to think life was whatever she wanted it to be.
She was far away now, so far away, too far away. She looked at the sky but the colors weren't the same. She wondered if the bench was still there.
Then, she heard the sirens. It was time to move... and hide... again.
100 Word Stories

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Pulled From the Water


They look off.
They don't!
They do... is this a... tentacle?
The two friends tilted their heads.
You are crazy. I've been eating fish from these waters for months, said the merchant, adjusting the back of his shirt.
I don't think we should buy these...
Come on. I'll give you a special discount, how about that?
The two friends exchanged looks.
Well, OK then.
A month later, they were selling fish on the pier. The merchant had been promoted.
They too adjusted the back of their shirts.
It was a nuisance the shirts didn't have room for the damn tentacle.

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Salt Water

A man sat by the shore at the beach.
Two little boats, sailing along the coast..., he muttered.
That sounds like the beginning of a story, someone in the group said, laughing. And continued walking.
Two little boats, sailing along the little coast, sailing along the rocky coast, sailing along... And he stopped, his eyes on the horizon.
The group had disappeared from his sight.
Two little boats, sailing along the sharky coast... He stopped again. Sharky... Shark. He shook his head and slid backwards, taking his feet out of the water.
One little boat, sailing along the lonely coast.

Sunday, January 19, 2020


Tierra de Fuego

The photo was on the table, silent. Undeniable proof.
Nah, it's fake, someone said.
And yet, it was there, a loud accusation to all those denying it.
No one touched the photo, but everyone looked at it.
They knew it had been taken there, in that sunny apartment, but where exactly?
It's clean. Nothing. No blood, no footprints, no fingerprints. Leave.
Nothing they could do. And they left.
Years later, breaking down a wall, there she was. There she was... 5 years old and definitely not a fake.
The photo got lost in a mysterious flood in the archive room.

Sunday, January 12, 2020


Whispering Wind

The frog. This frog! It's a pet. It's the pet, he said, stressing the word the.
No one believed him, of course. A frog for a pet? That didn't seem plausible.
Ah, but it's a magical frog, it crunches.
Crunches, they asked, rolling their eyes and smirking in disdain.
More eye-rolling ensued.
A paper was produced. Numbers were supplied. The frog was summoned.
To everyone's amazement, the frog provided the results and they were correct.
Meanwhile, a pair of eyes was eagerly checking the comings and goings of the frog.
The numbery crunching turned into a crunchy chewing.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Mention the Seventh!

Collins Land

Did I already mention some of New Year's traditions? No? OK!
Lift a foot, stand on your head, eat 12 raisins, take just as many sips of champagne.
If anyone tells you to do the opposite, fight back. Lift a foot, stand on your head, eat the raisins and drink the champagne.
And if they tell you you're crazy, lift your foot and kick them where it hurts most, skip the headstand, and spit the seventh raisin at them. Crazy is as crazy does.
Oh, and drink the champagne. There's no point in wasting a perfectly good champagne, is there?