Sunday, September 29, 2013


Focus was that pesky little magazine, whose editor decided to fill its cover for weeks with actor Peter Thompson’s private life. So, Peter hated everyone there, including the janitor. He didn’t know the man, but that was beside the point.
When Peter marched into the building, determined to end the charade, the janitor, a veteran, saw him.
“Man, look at me,” he said, noticing the gun, “look. Stay focused.”
A catastrophe ensued…
The following week, Focus featured the story.
“Guard, can I have Focus to read? I want to make sure I’m not on the cover again.”
Well… he was.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Mystical Falls

Dogs were long gone, everyone knew that. Any other pets were gone too. Oxygen was scarce and people wore masks 24/7. However, human creativity has no limits. So, when the local pub placed a sign outside saying “Tonight we have races and free beer!” I was quite surprised. My first thought was “where did they get the dogs and where would they race?” The basement was so cramped and there was no room for a race track. When I got there, the bouncer said “Adjust mask lenses to nano.” It was a nanobots race, and that basement… it became huge!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Vice City

The old portrait was long forgotten in the attic. It was a pungent reminder of how silliness ran in the family. A descendant of circus clowns, Phillip determinately refused to continue in the footsteps of his family. He went to college, got a degree, and a masters. Then he found a top notch job at a broker’s office and moved up the ranks faster than anyone else. A few years later, he was laid off on some minor discrepancy, most likely caused by his jealous and resented colleagues. You can’t escape silliness, so now he’s a clown, literally and figuratively.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There'll Be Stories Soon!

My writing room in Borgatti!
It's time to get back to work! 

Yes, I've been drafting a longer story to be written in November, but things have been pretty slow in the writing department. 

Yay for the Weekly Challenges at the 100 Word Stories that keep me going!

Sooo, after the June Avatar Blogger Month that brough to life It Takes a Village (short-story) and Blind Jump Into (flash-fiction), now is the moment to get busy again!

This time, I am working on a series of flash-fiction stories based on pictures taken by amazing Second Life photographers and bloggers. These pictures have touched me, moved me, made me think, and when that happens, I write!

A special thank you to Canary Beck, Connie Arida, Honour McMillan, Strawberry Singh, Whiskey Monday, Yordie Sands and Ziki Questi for trusting me with their work, feelings and thoughts so eloquently put into a picture. Also thank you to Vanessa Blaylock for planting the seed for this project by showing me Connie’s work and putting me in contact with her.

These stories will be published at iRez in the Wonder/Stories section.

There’ll be stories soon!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Silver Sea

The wide assortment of underwear made the store quite successful. The prices were expensive but no one worried about that. Until Mr. Vondrak, the store owner, came up with the idea of having musical panties and the male counterpart, musical boxers. It would’ve been fun too, to own one of those. The problem was the musical taste. Chopin’s Funeral March was a commercial flop and when Mozart’s Lacrimosa was added, for a tempting pay-one-take-two option, the store became eerily empty. Mr. Vondrak didn’t understand it. He wore them all the time, and he loved them; and so did Mrs. Vondrak!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Betelgeuse 5

Forever committed to his investigation, Thomas was a renowned pioneer. He created so many improvements in the genetics of humans over the years that the other races began to express their concerns quite vocally. After all the agreement was to keep all forms of life balanced so that none would be tempted, as it happened in the past, to subdue the others. But they shouldn’t have been concerned, actually. Thomas wasn’t able to share the last results of his work. By accident, his tinkering with genes produced a breed of highly effective serial killers who had a taste for… humans.