Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Invisible Cities - Eudoxia

“Where is the blueprint?”
“Ripht here.”
“Is it updated?”
“The phsame?”
“No. Another option.”
“Ah. Ahm… Here, pherhaps.”
“Yes, I am not phsure. I have only checked the front enphrance.”
“And we were going to exit through the front entrance?”
“Well, yephs…”
“What about the cops?”
“Ok, the phing is, you didn’t let me hire anybophy else, and leph’s face it, we have never done phis before. The blueprint cosph me a fortune and I had to pawn my pheeth to…”
“You had to pawn your feet?”
“My pheeth!”
“Your what?”
The other one opened his mouth and proudly exhibited a mouth lacking a bunch of teeth.
“Oh, shoot… close that. Remind me never to prep a heist with you again…”

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