Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Missing Mile

“Oh my Lord, what is this?!” he asked disgusted. “It looks awful.”
“This is a white truffle! It’s exquisite! They pay big bucks for this, you know,” replied the friend.
“They do? It looks dreadful!”
“Yes, but you don’t eat it like this. You just add a bit to food, just for a taste of it.”
“Where did you find it?”
“My pig did.”
“You have a pig?”
“Yeah! He’s a truffle hog. I have decided to get rich on truffles.”
“When did you decide such a thing?”   
“Yesterday. And I have three white truffles to sell already. Amazing isn’t it?”
“And where is your pig?”
“In my back yard.”
They walked to the back of the house and sure enough there was the pig. The animal seemed quite content with life, for some reason.
The friend started looking around in a frantic crescendo, throwing things left and right.
“What is it?”
“I can’t find the basket with the other two truffles. They are worth a fortune.”
“Could this be it?” he asked while trying to pull a small wattle basket out of the pig’s snout.
The horror! The pig had eaten two truffles!
“Well, at least one of you is happy with the white truffles,” he said.
“Oh, go to hell…” replied the friend.


  1. Porky P3/27/2012

    MMM Master those two were so delicious, when are we going out for more??