Sunday, February 28, 2021


Collins Land

Everyone sat at the table and toasted. Everyone smiled. Yes, that fake smile that goes well with wine and the possibility of a new job. He thought about the cool car he'd buy, the shinny new apartment, even the weekend lodge by the lake. And then he blurted out that stupid thing. He had to say it, didn't he? Why? Because he was a moron. "This wine is not one of the best I have had." No more job for you, you simpleton. Why had he decided to apply for a job at a winery? He didn't even like wine.

Sunday, February 21, 2021


Collins Land

It's the best food on earth, he said. What did you put in this? It tastes funny. Oh, it's the seasoning. I can't remember, but I tossed everything I had on it. And he laughed, amused by his friends' hesitation. Eat it, eat it. I made plenty of them for the picnic. And they did eat. When they started dropping like flies, he scratched the name of each one of them out from a list. He had that list since he was 13, when they made him eat pizza with rat meat in it. Revenge is such a sweet thing.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Small Talk

Annwn Willows

Small talk is such an effective way of getting to know people, he thought. The event was promoted as an informal get-together to meet your soulmate. He needed a soulmate, desperately. After the usual introductions and polite smiles, the whole conversation took an unexpected turn when one of the ladies said she enjoyed being tossed in the river. At first, he didn't understand what she meant. He laughed nervously and he noticed she did have a strange color. "It's the river," she said. "Too much pollution." He nodded. Let's just say he didn't find his soulmate. He wasn't that desperate.
100 Word Stories

Sunday, February 7, 2021

To and Too


This train was too cramped. But she had no other option than to take this one.
A man was playing with a rope.
Too cramped, too awkward.
She wanted to get there quickly. The boat was ready and she was ready. Sailing around the world was her dream, and that dream was so close. She only needed to survive this bloody crowded train.
Suddenly, the train hiccuped, startling everyone.
When she woke up, a rope tied her to a pipe on the wall and the police were knocking at the door.
She wanted to scream. Horrified, she realized she couldn't...