Monday, March 5, 2012

Pay, shut up and be happy


There is a dark corner inside each one of us where the doom-talker hides and from where it jumps on occasion. Many of us have been trying hard to push him back into the shadow, but he is getting stronger day by day and he is getting help too. From mess up to mess up, Second Life powers that be seem to be losing control over the simplest of things. Well, it’s true; there is nothing simple about SL. Yet, where else do you have users of a Virtual World actually paying to work? And amazingly, enjoying it! Logic says that it does not seem wise to underestimate the power of will. In doing so, the result is visible; residents dropping off and Lindens leaving or pursuing different projects or whichever euphemism works best here. In the past few weeks, there has not been a day without any new controversy. I think we are all getting a bit tired of this. How about taking some time to breathe and regroup, LL, and letting us have some peace of mind to enjoy SL and get some work done too?

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