Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Dark Side by Anley Piers

A queen and a few pawns were thrown in the air. A knight struggled to land on its feet. The bishop and the rock were still going upwards helplessly. Her hands picked up more pawns and threw them from the chessboard, one by one, black and white alike. She was quite calm most of the time, analyzing each and every move beforehand. But that day she lost her composure. “I’m tired of losing,” she yelled. And another knight, another queen, and yet another rock found themselves flying off the chessboard. After this rant ended, two pieces were left standing, the two kings. Slowly, she reached for them, holding one in each hand. They seemed so small. How could these small pieces cause such an overwhelming sense of powerlessness, she wondered. Suddenly, she ate the two kings. Problem solved, she thought. The other chess players looked at her horrified. She shrugged and walked away. These live chess games were becoming so boring. She would have to start looking for another way of getting entertained in her free time. Giants did have a lot of free time on their hands.


  1. Goliath of Gath3/22/2012

    Fantastic as always miss Gudkov, one thing only, kings are ok but queens taste much better!! I would have ordered some ketchup ;-))

    1. Thank you, Goliath! Yes, I can only begin to imagine how they would taste! ;)