Friday, March 23, 2012


Epic Toy Factory

Everything was made of candy, the walls, the tables, the chairs. Bright colors turned a sad feeling into a happy smile. That happened to all the visitors. Poetry session in the garden, the poster said. So off they went through trees of beautiful oranges and pinks and yellows. At some point, the kid asked pointing upwards “mom, why are there sofas on top of that tree?” The mom looked up and indeed, there were two purple sofas with dices on them. “Are those pillows?” asked the other kid. “No, those are dice,” replied the first one. “Yeah, ok, but they are pillows in the shape of dice,” said the second one. “No!” And a family row broke out. It was the first time that that happy place made of colorful candy had triggered such a dispute. The mother was silent the whole time. When the kids quieted down, more due to their mother’s unusual silence than to the end of their argument, she said “whatever those are, aren’t they beautiful?” She climbed up the tree, much to her kids’ amazement, and a bit of embarrassment as well one must add, and sat on the purple sofas holding one of the dice pillows. The curator of the candy museum, in the meantime, had been summoned by an employee who was alarmed about the fact that there was a woman sitting on one of the pieces of the exhibit. As he arrived to the tree and looked at the woman’s face, he smiled. That was the essence of the museum, to make people see the magic side of things. The employee kept twisting his fingers anxiously and the kids were checking their cell phones, oblivious of whatever magic had just happened.

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