Friday, March 9, 2012


Clocktree Park

He signed in the virtual world. The hunt was on. He just had to go. Find the bird! That’s what they said. It was a sculpted bird in neon blue the size of a crate, they said, so it should’ve been easy to find. But it was driving everyone crazy. Dozens of frantic hunters roamed the sim back and forth for hours to no avail. Until one of them yelled “Look! It’s flying!” Everyone looked up expecting to find the bird static rezzed over a tree or a house. The truth was that it was flying away. “Oh, it’s scripted on a loop and that it would come back eventually,” someone said. It didn’t. One of the residents started flying after the bird and sighed saying “Where are you going?!” not really expecting the bird to reply. But it did! In a low rough voice, it said “Bye, suckers! I’m going to the grid next door.” Curiously enough, the bird’s words worked like the flute in that children’s story and a never ending row of avatars flew away with it, never to come back.

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