Friday, November 30, 2012

30. Steep Climb to Freedom

Concrete Cube Light - LEA17 - 2012

The envelope contained an empty note.
“Is that it?” said Lena.
Mei smelled the paper.
Letters began to appear, Stephen.
“No… He betrayed me…”
The next day, newspaper titles read “Heiress of Magenta Empire survives plot by mysterious brother”.
Iris had to climb a steep mountain but she was now free. Or wasn’t she?

Thursday, November 29, 2012



I love the sea. I love the blue softness of the waves, the crystal clear murmurs. I love how it changes, its mood swinging from a delicate tenderness to an irritated fury. The sea cradles our uncertainty into infinite hope. It broadens our resolve when we are running out of options. I have a corner by the sea where I sit when I close my eyes. Tomorrow will be better.

29. The Vault


Inside the vault there was a box, a rolled up paper and an envelope, addressed to her. Lena opened the box and there they were, the magnificent Roman gold coins, worth 5 million according to the exiled king. The paper was an old portrait tagged “For Mei”. She smiled. “My father.” The envelope was sealed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bete Noir

Project Guernica - LEA6 - 2012

Grasp a sigh in silence.
Grasp a soul in hiding.
Fight, run, injure.
Bete Noire
Of death and loss.
A mother, a baby,
A sword and a flower.
No light, but light.
All suspended in time,
In a silent

28. Opening the Vault


The vault had been fished out of the ocean a long time ago. In the office, after some serious persuading, the holy man spat the password out with a gush of blood. Perplexed, they typed it in. Mei Okamoto.
“I knew the location of the vault, but not that I was the password,” she said.