Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yay For LL!

The Terracota Army

Breathe in, breathe out. It’s ok! The paper bag stuck on my face doesn’t really let me think clearly, let alone see clearly. But I try! For some reason, and I would bet on sheer exhaustion, there was a general feeling of “let’s leave the Lindens alone” for a while. I included myself in the group of those who decided to simply not focus too much on what LL was doing. I wanted to create a buffer zone, a bit of a sea of tranquility, or… ok, a lake, a creek; it ended up being something smallish, considering the short interruption on SL related posts… Anyway, I stopped reading SL forums. I stopped going to Open Hours. What for? Adult Content, Scripting, Mesh, Simulator Issues, Open Development, Server Beta? Nope. Where are the Open Hours on Education, Teens, Commerce, and simple User Issues?! Breathe… I read the blogs which review LL’s actions with a large pinch of salt. And I finally managed to control my hyperventilating whenever I heard about the latest LL faux-pas. I know, I know. Faux-pas is one of those words that immediately imply a tone of criticism. It is difficult not to use it though. Considering that even if you try to “see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil”, it’s impossible to stay oblivious a hundred percent, unless you decide not to log in and go read a book instead. Oh, why didn’t I think of this before?! Ok, breathe and get back on track… LL’s decisions and subsequent actions influence the user’s experience immensely. Wait a second!! Wasn’t this reason enough for some sort of banning or slap on the hand or… something?! What a dilemma! Should LL impose restrictions on LL …?! This seems a bit…! Hyperventilating again!! Oh well, good luck with those Direct Delivery folders and with the migration of Marketplace boxes! I try not to, honestly, I do! But I have already seen a few (not so) happy faces, and heard a few (not so) happy souls getting up in arms on those two topics… As far as happy talking goes… Yay for LL!

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