Sunday, May 9, 2021



"Attention! Today's specials!" said the innkeeper.
The room lit up with enthusiasm.
"Fish and apples!"
A murmur of disappointment...
"Fish, apples AND seagull!"
The crowd went back to the usual chatter, uninterested.
"... and RUM!"
A roar of eagerness thundered throughout the room.
"The fish is fresh and.."
Everyone laughed.
"Well, the rum is OK..."
A round of lively applause.
The innkeeper was sweating profusely by then.
In fact, the rum was the cheapest he could find.
Let's just say the evening ended with him bobbing away inside a barrel, doused in his own rum.
Luckily, they didn't light him up.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

When Will It Stop Raining


When will it stop raining?
When will they be able to stop wearing those silly helmets that didn't let them breathe properly?
The people at the monastery couldn't care less, and he admired them for that.
They disregarded the compulsory quarantine, saying they had to help the ones in need.
They made offerings to some obscure entity and they didn't care about the rain.
That's why they walked around wrapped in this odd material they had come up with themselves, and only at night.
When will it stop raining, he thought. He wanted to go and become one of them.