Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Missing Mile

The writing was on the concrete pavement. Some faces, some symbols, some numbers covered the neighborhood’s fear. They ruled the street as they would have a small kingdom, with a complete lockdown; no one entered or left without their knowledge and approval. The local kids, never having known anything but that, did not find it strange at all. They actually felt a comforting sense of security, oblivious of the fact that that security was in fact a synonym for lack of freedom. When a TV reporter with a special permission to walk the street asked about it, one kid looked around and paused for a second or two. Then he replied proudly “I painted that myself” pointing at the gang paint on the wall, “it’s just graffiti.” “Paint, art or control?”, that was the title of the report. That same day, the reporter had a few visitors…

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