Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Photo by Miguel Pires

I left the door open for you to sneak out as you always did, cries of Gaspar, Gaspar chasing your cheekiness.
I left the door open for you to go and explore the terrace and its mysteries that so fascinated you.
I left the door open and tiptoed behind you for a bit, not wanting to let go, and you looked back and my heart broke in a thousand pieces.
Now, each time I go to the terrace I see you, sneaking around behind the flower pots, trying to play a game of hide and seek, your tail swaying right there where I could see it.
And I'd walk slowly towards you and you'd run behind another flower pot, the game of hide, but not completely, and seek and run and giggles from the silly humans who always fell for your charm.
I left the door open to the terrace, and walked outside. And for a split second, I thought I saw your tail, swaying playfully in plain sight.
Go now and be free, my beautiful kitty.
But you'll always come back to your terrace, won't you?
I'll be there too...
                1. October 2007 - 26. August 2020

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