Sunday, September 27, 2020



Forest Floor

The shipwreck sank more and more each day. It anchored fears and doubts at the bottom of everyone's hearts. Everyone in town witnessed the shipwreck sinking with hopeful expectation. The future would be better. The future would be much better. But the shipwreck decided to leave the main mast above water like a breathing tube. And the future wasn't better. The future was a wreck, just like the shipwreck. Many stories were told about the ghost. It was there, breathing, making fun of the whole town for having had that stupid idea of sinking a ship to kill a ghost.

Sunday, September 20, 2020


Port Nawak

Deploy your hopes and your dreams. Organize them in squadrons. Make sure they are well armed and motivated. Follow the rules. The rules? The rules to neatly line up your dreams and your hopes, the rules. Dreams and hopes line up neatly? Neatly and obediently. Those are not hopes and dreams. Those are not... Shut up. Deploy your hopes and dreams like an army. Organize them in squadrons of nothingness and the future will be yours. And then there was silence. That stifling silence that hits you when you know, you suddenly know. You close your eyes and you know.

Sunday, September 13, 2020


Amar en Meleth

What if I lived right there where the butterflies swayed in the air? 
What if I lived right there? 
The birds chirped, and flew away. 
What if the narrow streets were alive to the brim with color? And not gray with emptiness?
What if the tears didn't rain down the walls alive with the whiteness of summer?
What if the butterflies weren't gone, and the birds?
What if I lived there, right there, and not here in the middle of the forest by a sizzling fire?
I want to go back to that small town where the narrow streets smiled.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Removal Offer

Blue Crystal

The deal included shipping the stuff across the ocean and delivering it safely.
But the stuff wasn't delivered.
"What's going on? You don't know where Hong Kong is?"
He got off the phone and... there it was, the ship. Empty.
"Where's the stuff? It's worth millions."
No one knew.
Well, the source did. They were testing everyone's loyalty.
Hong Kong didn't like it.
Updated offer. "Incoming delivery. Free."
A new crew had to be hired because heads were removed from their respective bodies and shipped back.
"Now, send us the stuff. Hong Kong has more brilliant ideas. Yes, we do."