Sunday, August 9, 2020

“Who’s blood is that?”

France Portnawak

“Who’s blood is that?” 
He tilted his head, wriggling his nose. Strange card.
The monthly dinner party was a scrumptious meal seasoned with intelligent conversation.
Who'd written this? Certainly not the host. Mrs. Bates would never make such a blatant mistak...
He folded the card. “Who's that?” Makes sense. These dinners were always slightly mysterious.
He folded it again. “Who's blood?” Ummm...
How about “Blood that?” Too much folding.
He set the card aside and dinner proceeded as usual.
At midnight, the letters on all cards turned red.
He was the only survivor. Apparently, folded evilness doesn't work properly!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Chewable and Deadly


The greenish sky wasn't a good omen. My grandfather said when the sky's like that, don't chew the air. I laughed. Chew the air. OK! I won't! As time progressed, the sky got worse. It looked poisonous. Some people wore gas masks. It looked quite dramatic. I wondered if I should too. And then the teeth. People's teeth became green. And in a matter of days, they were dropping like flies. Earth was condemned. I moved to P205. There's plenty of work here. But they pay close to nothing. Too many people... I wonder if I should've chewed that air...

Sunday, July 26, 2020



Sprinkle some magic powder on the black cat. No. Stretch and stretch, and stretch some more. Grab the shiny star and place it next to the jar. The cat will look, the star will stretch and the jar will smile a sparkly smile. No. The next time you reach for that magic powder, think that it is safer not to reach for a lighter. A lighter? Where did that come from? The cat will stretch. The jar will sparkle. The star will shine. Yes. That's it. Everything is back in place. Neatly. Yawn. I prefer to see the jar smiling.

Sunday, July 19, 2020



At the top of the mountain, all we could hear was the fire, burning the logs. And we waited. For a sign. One day and another. Time went by. No sign. Our children waited and their children. And when there was no hope left, I stood up.
“I've been here since the beginning. I'm tired. I'm leaving.”
Everyone protested.
I raised my hand. Silence.
“We have burned everything around here. Look! It's ridiculous. Enough is enough. We don't even have a twig to burn, a twig.”
Someone at the back whispered “What was the sign all about again? I forgot.”

Sunday, July 12, 2020



The impressive statue filled the room of the museum. It held an ax and a noose, and also a plate of fruit.
Strange combination, he thought.
“Whatever you do, don't touch it,” said the security guard, walking away.
He touched the plate, of course. Nothing happened. The noose. Nothing. The ax. Still nothing.
He shrugged.
Suddenly, something hit him. He got snatched back by the neck and was gone when his back got slashed.
Before the cameras, the director promised he would find the culprits.
The security guard hid the noose and the ax away, and calmly enjoyed his apple.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Pick Me and My Headache


The entrance to the ship was locked because the entrance ramp got stuck.
"We're in the 25th century, the most modern, developed world anyone has ever experienced, and the ramp is stuck," he mumbled.
He tried everything to fix it.
He was so focused, the speakers startled him when they roared "Time Travel Tomorrow."
"Right, but the ramp is stuck... Stuck."
"We're looking for volunteers."
"Stuck. But... OK, pick me!"
The command center received his telepathic message.

The next day, he was in the 21st century.
He landed right in the middle of the famous 2020 pandemic.
Everything was... stuck.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

What's That on the Radar?


The dot on the screen appeared and disappeared. Damn radar. The next shift would take care of it.
Everyone had turned in for the night and the city lights had been dimmed down. His favorite time of day. He walked by himself. And that was the last walk he took.
They appeared in white robes and masks. They treated everyone like cattle.
They always said this was a planet... It wasn't. It was a ship that had completed its mission. The people were nothing but lab rats. And life would never be the same again. The radar was shut off.

Sunday, June 21, 2020



She found a small jar in her granny's attic. Something sparkled inside.
She placed it back on a shelf and left without telling anyone anything about it.
When her granny died, she went back to the attic.
When she opened it, a swirl of light turned everything into a neon palette of greenery.
She read the small paper stuck to the bottom - "Mushrooms, theirs."
The following night, she was visited by them. The weird ones no one knew about, the aliens.
The attic... well, she turned it into a museum where everyone would see... things that didn't really exist.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

We Apologize For The Inconvenience


"Where did you get the wound?" asked his boss as he closed the garage door.
The young man shrugged.
"It looks bad. Go to the hospital. Get that checked."
He nodded and walked away.
"Weird kid. I better check if anything is going on in here."
The boss opened the door and looked around. Nothing was out of place.
As he closed the door, he saw it. He walked closer.
It blinked.
"What the..."
It was the kid.
Before the night was over, there would be two of him as well.
This was just the beginning of the end.

Sunday, June 7, 2020



The basement of the cathedral was off-limits.
After entering...
"Is this it?" His voice echoed through the web of archways.
The room was empty. A small stand at the back seemed to have some dry red on it.
"Sacrifices," he whispered, thrilled.
The adventure was becoming a lot more interesting than he expected.
Something sparkled in the corner. A button. Press it, press it.
A heavy stone door opened. He walked in. It closed behind him. The sun came through some small windows.
"What is this? The basement?"
The stone door didn't open again.
Never seek what you cannot handle.