Friday, March 30, 2012



Yes, they were too old for that. Yes, they looked like lunatics. Yes, but they were young at heart, they had drunk from the fountain of youth, there was youth blood in them, and all those clich├ęs people talk about when they come across such an extraordinary sight. But they couldn’t help themselves. Something in their upbringing planted the seed of youthfulness in their ways. People would walk by and shake their heads in disapproval. Kids would walk by and giggle. Dogs would sit and stare at them. Cats would simply go about their lives.  Oblivious of everything, they played in the playground, till then always empty. One day, a kid joined them. The next day, he brought some friends. The friends brought the parents, suspicious of that sudden enthusiasm for the local playground. The parents brought their playful dogs. Even the cats cautiously ventured closer to the elderly people, with the treats, who now sat on the park benches. The playground came to life again. Yes, they were too old for this. Yes, they looked like lunatics. Yes. But they were alive!


  1. Connor Matusalem3/30/2012

    Age is irrelevant when it comes to being in a hotel room with a bed you’ve never jumped on before. If there’s a bed, and you’re still young at heart, you’ll jump on it. It’s the way of the world. Take a look at their faces and remember you are never too old to laugh, like you said We are alive!! And thanks for that because by being so I can feel young everytime I read you!!

  2. ROFL! Great pic!!!! And true words!