Saturday, February 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom

The Looking Glass

It’s time, it’s time, ladies and gentlemen. Let the show begin! Of mermaids and fairies and one legged elves, a bird on a tree branch singing, a juggling clown with raindrops on his face, a giant tear on a nylon string. It’s time, it’s time, let the show begin!
Vampires rising from the grave, damsels in distress. Steampunk piano players on a rotating bench. A giant tear swinging from a nylon string. It’s time, it’s time. The show begins!
A pirate throws knives at a countess. A cowboy smokes a cigar in the corner and a long-haired over excited viking fights with a composed samurai. A cybergoth wolf dodges a flying skull with bright blue eyes.
All of a sudden, there is moment of horrified silence, the stage suspended in time, the audience ready to release a muted scream.
The giant tear swinging from a nylon string falls on top of the white unicorn who burps and says “why me, why always me?”.
And the show is over. The magic is over. The audience is gone. Sitting on the edge of the stage, the mermaid, the one legged elves and the juggling clown whistle to the tempo of the bird singing let it be, let it be.

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