Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Borked at Phoenix Firestorm Hours


Sims crashing, people crashing, logins temporarily unavailable, LL restarting sims, the production crew being ejected from where they were to the corner of the sim (that one had everyone puzzled!). It was quite an eventful experience, I must say, during which Jessica Lyon measured every word carefully, not failing to mention though that there seemed to be some inconsistencies in LL’s decisions. She highlighted LL’s willingness to incorporate a few of the features created by TPVs developers in the official viewer but also the fact that the new policies will stifle TPVs proposals since those must now be pre-approved by LL. There is still room for innovation, in Lyon’s opinion, yet when a particular feature is related to shared-experience it becomes a whole different situation. The problem is that a new feature usually is the result of residents’ needs and feedback plus a countless number of hours of development. If LL does not approve it, months of work and expectations will be thrown out the window. There will be a bigger logistic process no doubt to get new features built in TPVs and a whole more aggravation work for everyone. In my opinion, the reasons presented for the latest LL’s decisions on TPVs are, in the least, shaky and did not convince me or the audience. One of the reasons presented for the removal of the TPV viewer indication from the name tag was, as explained to Lyon by LL, the fact that many people have been bullied for using the official viewer. Ahm… What?! Being an educator for more than 20 years, I am all for putting an end to bullying, but I am perplexed, I must admit… In the meantime, everyone is showing as wearing the V2 tag, despite the fact that we are in fact using a TPV. If bullying is the reason, wouldn’t it be better to remove the viewer indication altogether?! I cannot help it, but this feels a little Orwellian to me… I have said it before, and I will continue to say it again and again, worry about lag, lag, lag, group chats, sim crossings, borked logins, sim crashings, and all those mundane issues which were exactly the reasons why this Phoenix Firestorm Hour was such a tech mess in the first place. Just a thought.
Mare Serenitatis

UPDATE: I logged in Second Life briefly today and I noticed the viewer tag was gone altogether. If it is not some sort of odd glitch of the system, I applaud the decision to implement this approach.


  1. Admirer No12/29/2012

    Two words, Simply Brilliant!! Coudnt have explained it better if i had planned to!!

  2. Thank you! It was an interesting event to be a part of, despite the divergences I have in relation to many of the measures (to be) implemented. Unfortunately the technical difficulties took the best of it all and turned an event that could've been extremely relevant to help clarify a number of issues into a complete disaster. I was told that the after discussion was a lot more informative than the discussion itself!