Thursday, February 16, 2012

He Leaves No Fingerprints

Missing Mile

… no DNA, no hair, no skin, nothing, they said. They tried hard. Detectives roamed the place frowning at every possible sign of foul play. They even checked the chewing gum wrapping papers scattered on the floor, because the Doublemints looked very suspicious, they said. The neighbors at the motel kept making faces and twisting their necks towards the Ice machine. But no one paid attention. The detectives left. They took the body along with them for the autopsy, they said. After everyone was gone, under the cover of the night, a silent dark figure walked past the truck, reached inside the Ice machine and took a shiny object. It was the axe that had killed her. He did leave fingerprints behind after all. He smirked inside. 
They knew nothing and he was free.

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