Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dancing To The Beat

Chic Aeon's Thin Ice

Last names, no last names; two grids, grids merge; flight limits set low, flight limits set higher; no bloggers, we embrace bloggers (no payment included). What next? I have a suggestion, if you would like to hear it. Be advised, it is, let’s say, unorthodox. I suggest avatars have run-gears (and yes, we’d have to find a catchier name, I admit; any suggestions?). Avatars would be able to walk – run – run faster and run like there was no tomorrow (cartoon style perhaps, the head leaning back and the knees going up to the chin, just for the fun of it?). This could apply to flying as well. We’d have the fly-like-an-angel, the fly-like-you-are-going-somewhere and the fly-for-your-life. Why not? Ok, ok. I can hear some voices complaining already (yes, you in the back, I can see you frowning). How about realism, you say? Well, how about fixing lag and group chats borking? Sim crossings? Capped IMs? Undelivered group notices? I would love to fly higher; I bet there is a lot to see up there too. But I would also love to run faster! Please? Pretty please? (good thing these ramblings only happen on Sundays!)

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