Monday, February 13, 2012


Clocktree Park
Talking about devotion, dogs come immediately to mind. I’d like to shift the attention to cats though. People say they are arrogant, selfish, lonely and unpredictable. When I am ill, my 4 year old cat who wants nothing but eat, sleep and play, sits beside me and stays there for hours turning his routine (and we know how much cats like routines) upside down. He doesn’t sleep. He just stays there, on my bed, looking at me every now and then from the corner of his eye wiggling his tail slowly, touching my leg with it on a regular tempo of pacifying certainty. He just stays there. When I get up, he gets up and follows me around the house. He doesn’t want food; he doesn’t want to go outside; he doesn’t even want to play. I have tested it. He just follows me around and sits wherever I sit. If I go back to bed, he jumps up and snuggles close to my legs or hands looking at me. And he does this every single time I am ill. As I recover, he resumes his normal life of getting up early, eating, going outside, eating, running like crazy throughout the house up and down the stairs, eating, sleeping, eating, playing, running, eating, sleeping his afternoon nap, coming downstairs for dinner time when he sits on an empty chair at the table and looks at the TV while the family has dinner, running a bit more driving everyone nuts, eating and going to sleep (at least that is what we think, we never know what he does during the night!). That is devotion.

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