Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Comment!

Milk Wood

One thing I find quite intriguing is how some blogs have a multitude of comments while others have close to none. Could it be the lack of quality that determines the desert of comments or perhaps its uninteresting topics? Could it be that the language was not rich or expressive enough? This led me on an investigative tour of some of the most visited blogs of Second Life residents. Much to my surprise, it was neither difficult nor time-consuming to conclude that the answer was in the type of blog. Anything remotely literary, writing and language-related has no comments. On the other hand, any blog with posts about Linden Lab’s or Second Life’s perplexing conundrums has a ton of reactions, even if graphically/content-wise they are of, let’s say, average quality. So people do have things to say after all! Yet, it is still intriguing how people who are usually so opinionated have nothing to say about the written word in an experimental or non-experimental context of creative writing. In that type of blogs, I often feel tempted to comment on every single post that does not have a comment, to be honest. Then I have a shyness attack and decide against it as it could be perceived as… blog stalking! So, if you see my name on comments all over a blog, it’s out of solidarity for its author, ok?


  1. Okay's a comment!

    I've only recently came across your blog after we started following each other on Twitter and having looked through some of your posts, I just wanted to say I really like your style of writing. I'll keep working my way back through the other posts in the hope you'll inspire me to have a go at the Writer's Dash / 100 Word Stories myself.

    As for comments..there is no rhyme or reason to why people do and don't leave a response. I think you just have to go with the flow..

  2. Alex, thank you for your comment! A daily/weekly challenge is a fantastic way of stepping out of our "comfort zone" i.e. being closet writers, as friend of mine says. You are right about the comments. The amount doesnt mean much. Yet it bugs me a bit to see people who have been blogging for years (not my case, so I am quite comfortable making this statement), doing a fantastic job, prompting others to be active and getting zero comments. A comment may mean close to nothing or it may actually mean encouragement, feed-back and the difference between giving-up or keeping up. Having said this, thank you for your comment!

  3. Nice research! And yay solidarity :D