Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hunting Grounds

Mare Serenitatis
Sunday is Official SL Bashing Day! Who said that?? Did I say that?! No, let’s make it Praising Day; praise, praise is much better. Let’s be positive! What is Second Life? Second Life is a jungle! No, no! Exaggerated today, are we? It’s a field of opportunities. No, that’s not it either. It’s a place with amazing potential for creativity, intellectual development, social skills enhancement, and something else I can’t think of right now. But I am sure it’s very important. Moving on, when we look at people’s reactions in SL, I am sometimes amazed, no, often amazed, no, freaking ALWAYS amazed, how idiotic, no, how unusual, no, no, no, how openly and uninhibitedly creative they are. Let’s take the example of hunters. There are these, let’s call them hunts. A group of people, usually a large one too for that matter, organizes the hunt for several weeks even months. When everything is ready, they open the gates and there is a flood of eager hunters who with the best of intentions, I am sure, inundate the group chats with (un)original questions and (im)patient requests (I’m trying to be diplomatic here, so bear with me) wanting to finish the hunt that took a really long time to prepare within… an hour (and I am being generous).  Then there are the cheaters, the ones who don’t really want to do the hunt, but who just want to grab the prize; they use the so-called cheat notes with comfy SLURLs to the precise locations of the prize (HAHAH it’s mine, mine, and it’s for freeeee! Sorry, I was possessed by the evil spirit of the cheater for a second… I’m fine now). And then there are those, who have a big heart and TP the owner of the place none other, the one who actually hid the prize and knows EXACTLY where it is, right on top of the darn thing (considering life is hectic, they probably thought we forgot where we had placed it… yep, that is it). Even trying to be fervently positive, we can’t help but wonder, can we…? Should we lose faith in hunters? Should we lose faith in SL? Should we lose faith in Humanity? Or should we… ok, forget about that! Second Life is a jungle. That’s it! Pfft… (good thing these ramblings only happen on Sundays!)

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