Thursday, February 16, 2012



VBlog #666
The camera went on and she started to talk. This was not her usual self talking. It was an angry beast she had kept inside, hidden, for so long. Still, it was time. She started calmly, looking directly into the camera. She wanted them to feel the composed outrage. As she spoke onwards, the composure gradually faded away. There was a look of uncontrolled hatred in her eyes. The Siamese cat, thinking he owned her and commanded her life entirely, felt agitated and extremely annoyed. He stood up, this was not acceptable. She got choleric, screaming into the microphone, distorting the sound so badly it was barely comprehensible.  Suddenly, she said To create? Create what? This is me. This will always be me. If you like it, that’s fantastic. If not, go look somewhere else for an angel.

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