Monday, February 6, 2012

Sleepy cards

Mare Serenitatis
After a long time of ponderings and wonderings, the cards were on the table. There was the scythe, the fish, the stars and the knight. Then there was the ship, the garden, the heart and the woman. Finally there was the dog, the tower, the clover and the anchor.
“Tough set, this one” she said looking at the cards intensively.
“Why?” The client seemed lost with the solemnity of the fortune teller.
“I see a breakup where you will have to be modest, very modest. This is you,” and she pointed at the knight.
“I see...”
“Then there is a big probability that you’ll take a trip, which will lead you to false friends who may break your heart, even possibly a lady. See, this card here?” and she pointed at the woman, making vague circles in the air.
“Finally, you will remain faithful and in doing so you’ll be in your small world of small achievements, grounded in solitude.” And she nodded gravely.
He was so disappointed about his future. That was not what he had expected at all.
“I am kind of sad about this. I thought finalizing my divorce would open room for more happiness and a more joyful life. Perhaps this heart here beside the woman card means I am going to meet a nice lady,“ he ventured.
The fortune teller shook her head vehemently.
“No, no, no. The cards speak to me. They are telling me what I told you. I have decades of experience, you know.”
“I see… Well, thank you for your reading, Madame L.,” he said dispirited.
“You’re most welcome. Thank you for coming. Talk to my assistant on your way out for payment arrangements,” she said gathering the cards on a single pile, not even looking at him.
“Yes, I will. Thank you.”
After the client left, she yelled to the languid receptionist she had hired from a sleezy job agency she picked up in a local newspaper.
“Amelia! I feel like crap; I haven’t slept all night. I’ll be back tomorrow.”
“Yes, you better do that. The clients are getting very unhappy with today’s readings.”
Cheeky girl, thought the fortune teller.

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