Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black Cat Resting

Clocktree Park
There is a black cat resting on the floor by the edge of the pier. He licks his paws and yawns languidly. He has a sunrise and a sunset to watch every day from that spot. That is his commitment and he enjoys it. It gives him a sense of plenitude, a sense of order that he appreciates. A stranger sat beside him. She just sat there, watching a sunset with him. They talked, silently, about lazing in long sunny afternoons, about pondering whether to chase or not to chase those saucy butterflies that teased him all the time and about watching the wind play with the green leaves and the violet flowers on the big tree. They also talked about coughing up fur balls, about sensitive whiskers and, of course, barfing up that green grass that helps with the fur balls!

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