Sunday, November 18, 2012


Bridgetown at the Wastelands

“How far is it?” the scientist asked.
Silence. The path became narrower; breathing more difficult, as darkness closed in.
There was a chilling scream.
“What was that?” he asked. The others looked at one another.
A second scream brought the group to a halt.
“It’s not safe,” stuttered the supervisor. “Someone unblocked a hole and released a swarm of wasps. We are trying to contain them, but…”
Decades later, this story long forgotten, a group of people unblocked the entrance of the mine. In a matter of minutes, the whole town had vanished under the rage of unexpectedly resilient wasps.
100 Word Stories

Updated: Bridgetown is no longer located in the Wastelands set of sims, but has a new location here, as it was pointed out to me by Michael Wexhome. It's a Post-apocalyptic/Sci-fi Roleplay (RP) sim with lots of areas to explore. Please, do respect the fact that this is an RP sim if you drop by for a visit. Thank you.
June 5 2013


  1. I was the one who constructed Bridgetown. :] Come see the new sim in world. :D

    1. I certainly will! TY for dropping by and for letting me know.