Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Waterland 2

Autumn usually cheered him up with the falling leaves, red and golden. It helped brush away that icky feeling of summer’s cheerfulness and got him in the mood for winter’s gloomy days. The plate filled with appetizing mushrooms was cheerfully redolent of the mischievous little thing he had done earlier, something he would never confess to having done, something only his. He took a mushroom and savored it slowly. He took another and relished in sweet recollections. He enjoyed being a bad boy. He took a third mushroom from the plate and he felt a bit queasy. The room started spinning incomprehensibly. The last thing he saw was a man sitting at the table next to him, sneering. The last thought that crossed his mind was “Darn it, there’s a new bad boy in town…”

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