Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Forgotten City

“This is the cradle of our Family. The City was forgotten by all and time took care of throwing it into oblivion. Yet we have lived here, strived to grow and managed to survive. Despite the foreigners of other planets passing by, the epidemics dragged in by their deranged scientists, the commitment of officials to bring it down, it survived. Now as I stand before you, I trust we will march into the beginning of a new era. Yesterday we were only a few. Today we are thousands. Come, let us go.”
The Mayor pointed at a ring of black light glowing dimly in the dark. It blinked a few times and a shutter opened up. The first few walked in, disappearing from sight. Nothing bad seemed to have happened. As a few more prepared to take a step, a horrid scream came from inside the shutter. Everyone took a step back.
“No, no, please don’t be afraid. It’s an echo of a past life, they explained it to me. Please, come,” he said, ushering them to approach.
But the damage was done. They had fallen all too often for smooth talking people who wanted to control them.
Suddenly, a woman grabbed the man’s wrist and shoved him into the shutter. Taken by surprise, he didn’t have time to react.
Everyone waited, suspended in an uncomfortable silence. Nothing. The minutes passed and there was not a sound.
“Perhaps this is not dangerous after all,” she said looking at the crowd.
And that’s when the horrid scream was heard once more.
“That’s it. Go home everyone.”
The crowd dispersed. The ring was thrown in deep waters and the woman became the mayor of the city.
Every year, a few eerie souls roam the city, as a cruel reminder to those alive never to trust anyone.

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