Friday, November 9, 2012

9. Goodbye, My Friend

Japan Chubu

The door slid open and Stephen appeared. For a second, she felt safe, but he dragged her downstairs into a narrow street. It was late and dark. A lonely cat meowed in the distance. He pushed her through a door and made her sit down. What have you done… His faithful friend had abandoned her…


  1. Hi Lizzie... my move is done, mostly. i'm happy to be catching up on my fav blogs, especially yours and your stories. Is this called "Nano Fiction" now? I got lost on Drabble, then Flash-Fiction... lordy!!

    1. Great to have you back :) This is called Nano Fiction because it's even shorter than a Drabble! Camie Rembrandt organized a NaNoWriMo type of event but for nano fiction. Every day there's a new visual prompt and we write a story 55 words long. It's a lot of fun! One would think writing 55 words to be easier than a short text, right? Nope! That's where the fun is! And no, I am not a masochist. Well... ahm... lol.