Thursday, November 1, 2012


Tim's Dreams by Romy Nayar at MetaLES

“Wicked mind,” he said, snickering at the thought of the terrible consequences. “Wicked mind.”
The old woman reached for the pot and dropped a red powder inside. It sizzled, threatening to overflow.
“This will do. Two bat wings, the nail of a dragon smashed into dust and a dead baby. This will do,” she said giggling eerily.
“When will we see it?” they asked hovering above the copper pot.
It was not the first time she tried to cover the whole world with a layer of darkness, but this time she was more powerful; she carried a baby inside of her.
“Turn that spoon, turn that spoon,” they screeched as the liquid started to bubble inside the big copper pot.
 “I need one last ingredient.”  She sneered.  “Surprise!”
They looked at one another intrigued by the sudden enthusiasm. She was not a woman of enthusiasms.
“To make this infallible, I need one of you to jump in the pot!” And she clapped her hands once. “Now!”
A wave of panic crept down their throats into their stomachs.
“Run,” one of them shouted. And they scattered in all directions, glued to the shadows in the room.
Furious, she tried to catch one of them by the ankle, but tripped and the boiling big copper pot tumbled and turned spilling everything on the floor.
 Darkness would not cover the whole world that day, only this particular corner of it.

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