Monday, November 19, 2012


Blue Crystal

They took the boat across the sea. High waves and strong winds made the trip last longer than predicted.  No lights, no talking. The crew kept an eye on the radar to check for other boats; an encounter with strangers would not be welcomed. The boat waddled painfully through the drizzle and the tumultuous waves for days. When it finally reached the shore, the police opened the hatchet. The stench was stomach-turning. Only three of the twenty who started the trip stood up. “Why?” asked the police officer. The captain of the boat shrugged looking more relaxed than one would expect in a situation like this. He knew he would be released within hours, no charges; as always, someone would get their due share of the money.


  1. Eeeewwweeee! hehe. Love those tumultous sea crossings. hehe

  2. Hehe! I tend to get on the greenish get-me-out-of-here side!