Sunday, November 11, 2012

Apparently Simple Enough

Mare Serenitatis

Warning! In this post I rant about people being rude. I don’t pretend to be miss-goodie-two-shoes (those who know me, know I am not -- insert evil grin here) and I am not writing this from some sort of high moral ground. The problem is, this really annoys me and I just had to write it down, to exorcise all the demons lurking in the dark corners of my soul!  

Claws out!

Second Life (SL) is an extraordinary world filled with possibilities. As happens everywhere, it is not void of issues, complications, conflicts and stress. My latest pet peeve in SL has to do with being polite. It’s apparently simple enough. Well… no.

There’s this trend of IM’ing someone and just going ahead asking for information, complaining, nagging, and all possible variations of that same theme, and quite frankly, it’s annoying. I can understand a friend in a hurry not going through all the communicative politenesses, but people you don’t really talk to on a regular basis (read… ever), ahm… no. They send you an IM, expect a reply within the second, and then they drop you in the middle of the conversation while talking to others or simply vanish. Yes, there are emergencies, crashes, unexpected power-cuts, cats destroying the furniture, dogs throwing up on the freshly-cleaned carpet, but there is also something called… drum roll… respect! Send an IM asap saying what happened and possibly even apologizing, if that is the case and if it’s not too overly complicated for your ego.

Sarcasm aside, I did do the same, as an experiment. I turned into an obnoxious selfish self-centered IMer to see if others would actually notice, but, go figure, they didn’t even bother!
Communication is rather complex as it is without having to deal with, to put it mildly, people’s lack of courtesy, wouldn’t you say?

And in my next post I will write about people not saying hello, not even when they land on top of your head. Nah… I was just kidding. I think one rant is enough for now!

Retracting claws, over and out!

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