Sunday, April 22, 2012

We Love To Be Hated

Mare Serenitatis - Waiting for a communication

Who said that?! Honestly! Don’t be negative! Let’s try to figure things out calmly and maturely, ok? Ok… Much has been written about Linden Lab’s decision regarding the SL9B (Second Life 9th Birthday). Here is more! Ready? There won’t be any sims with woohoo parties or colorful builds like last year. There won’t be any commercial messages disguised as pretend-to-be art installations. And there won’t be any awesome cool builds either. There will be no land. No land means no party. No party means no cake! Residents are used to having cake. They have had cake for the past few birthdays. No cake, means… oh no, dieting! Instead of having a handful of sims with everyone working cozily and brotherly for the common good, we will have… neighborhood celebrations? I enjoyed last year’s cake, to be honest, but well, I am known for not giving up when faced with extreme adversity such as… having no birthday cake! SO, I guess I will buy a few fireworks and throw them in my street (yes, I am lame, I don’t own a sim) annoying the hell out of the cats and driving hunters nuts with lag. My neighborhood will organize some events. We can set up a few readings (and I don’t mean fortune readings… although now that I think of it… we even have the Lenormand deck up in the Gothic Castle already!) and a few parties (one, because the repetitive yooohoooos and yuppieees are kind of boring; although we do have a wonderful ballroom… decisions, decisions). We can also organize a few races (a fairly new idea about to come true). It’s my partner’s fault. His persistence produced the magic of making a race track appear in a few days. Oh, wait a second! “The Magic of Second Life” was last year’s birthday theme. There is no theme this year, is there? *panicking* Have I missed that communication?! *looks through the extremely well-organized Linden Lab communication channels feverishly and furiously; oh darn, no such thing…*. Moving on, we can also come up with a few art exhibitions (only because our neighbor and co-conspirator is about to open an art gallery!), a few discussions (probably four, if the celebrations last a month) and and and… well, ok, we’ll throw in another party for good measure, there! Then, I’ll post these amazing, fantastic, thrilling events (driving friends, acquaintances and followers crazy) in the Destination Guide, Search and Groups, Tweeters, blogs and company, where they will get buried under a ton of other similarly amazing, fantastic and thrilling events. Yay! Power to the people! I’m ok with power and dieting, really; I need to get ready for the summer anyway. The only thing I am concerned about is whether I am going to celebrate SL9B alone in my street or if I need to set a bunch of extra plates at the table! Could a Linden please send me a postcard (yes, that thing you have to glue a stamp on), since online communications seem to be a bit faulty? Thank you!

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