Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And The Music Played On

A Dark Fairies Dream

She studied her face in the mirror. She was older. She wondered if wiser too. The world had changed; she moved into a virtual world called Second Life. Tired of her real life, she turned her computer on one day and immersed herself in that mysteriously attractive world filled with magical possibilities and terrible misunderstandings. Even though she felt the intensity of dramatic arguments with a painful feeling of desperation, she preferred that make-believe world to the small one room apartment with loud neighbors and no light in the corridor. She decided to become a fairy. That had its beauty and she needed beauty at that particular time of her life. She stopped going out, ordered her food in, bought everything online, even stopped watching TV, and pretty much lived in that one room apartment oblivious of the outside world, until one day she heard a scream right outside her door. What was she to do? Should she help and be confronted with reality again, destroying the peace of mind she had been building for the past few months? Or should she ignore it and live with the feeling she could’ve helped someone in danger? Her conscience took over and she carefully opened the door, peeking through to see a man holding a gun standing next to a woman kneeling on the floor. The man looked up and instinctively pressed the trigger. There was a loud bang in the stairs. No one showed up to help. A concert was taking place in Second Life, Beethoven. The music flowed through the corridor taking over the deathly silence. The door stayed ajar. And the music played on.

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