Thursday, April 26, 2012


Mare Serenitatis

Her face turned into a strange unusual tone of green mixed with yellow. Never, in her whole life, had she even remotely imagined that this would be as bad as that day when her cousin forced her to go up on a roller-coaster that, at some point, turned them upside down and kept them suspended for a few seconds, seconds that seemed like an eternity of pain and suffering. Her lungs tried to evade through her mouth and her stomach started a revolution of its own. The dream of an exotic, romantic time spent with her love quickly turned into a nightmare of unexpected proportions and… no lovey dovey (he had decided that it was time to trade her for a sassy twenty year old). Her whole system shut down. She had everything, from headaches to lumps on her arms, from back pain to blue spots on her toes, much to the amusement of everyone else. Now, she wasn’t quite sure if all this discomfort came from her “emotional imbalance caused by an eminent reboot of the system”, as a psychic had gravely explained to her when that same cousin dragged her to a “very professional Madame Theroux”. She was rather suspicious of the way that psychic talked; rebooting the system didn’t quite strike her as psychic lingo. But we digress. No lovey dovey, right? So, she decided to go with a few friends. Well, bad idea. Those loving friends turned into Mr. Hydes in the blink of an eye. They totally dismissed her greenness and were very happy to stay away from her most of the time. As they arrived at the island, everyone went about their business and she was left to her own demise. She could not walk much, but she was certainly not going to stay in the ship. As she stepped out, she spotted a garden with a bench, oh blessed sight, she thought. She sat down. And another victim sat beside her almost immediately. He looked kind of green but with traces of blue instead of yellow. They looked at each other and there was a silent complicity. He held her hand and nodded. She turned red. He smiled. She stuck her tongue out. He too turned red. They sat side by side for an hour. As they heard the transatlantic speakers bombarding a “Dear passengers of the Oceanic Elation, this cruise ship will leave in fifteen minutes. Please board within that time. If you don’t, you’ll be left here and we will certainly not return to pick you up. Thank you.”That did sound a bit odd to her, but she had decided that boarding was not an option, even if dragged by her hair, and that she was going to make this island her home, considering the only way out was by sea. “Will you stay with me?” she asked. He nodded. Her so-called friends boarded and never noticed she stayed behind. But she didn’t care. Elation did have many faces!

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