Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Missing Mile

She waited at the train station, as she had been told to. Hours went by. And she waited. The manual stated clearly never to change plans at the last minute, to always comply with what had been set beforehand. She waited, holding the manual on her lap. Its corners were curled outwards and there was a stain of grease on the side. As the hours passed, the darn thing became heavier and heavier. It seemed the words printed in ink had turned into iron and every single letter had started its own war. Tired of waiting, she decided to flip the cover of the manual open. Oh, what a disastrous decision! All the words galloped out and away! In a matter seconds, she was left with nothing but a stack of white pages. What now? Should she wait and… obey the manual? Or should she simply take off? Agitated, she was pondering what to do when a train rode by slowly. On its side, there was a word, one single word, “GO”. She stood up, looked at the trail of words fighting away in the horizon and walked in the opposite direction.

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