Friday, April 20, 2012


The Dark Side by Anley Piers

“Dear Will,
it’s been a long time.  I miss high school. Good old Peter who pulled my hair every time he walked past me till I was seventeen; Rhonda who called me a fat pig when I had to take cortisone for an allergy; Mary who, despite her name, was not that motherly and would steal my lunch every day; Ron who would blackmail me to do his homework after I had sex with him under the stairs of the gym; and even Stephanie, sweet Stephanie, who would turn from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde when all the girls would start laughing and screaming “get her, get her”. I truly miss high school times. I am not sure how many will show up at the reunion though. They are fine. Peter is now bald. Rhonda has been gaining weight steadily. Mary is suffering a bit; she is not used to not having any personal belongings. Ron and Stephanie, well... it’s better not go into that, honestly. Yes, the local police have almost spotted us once or twice, but so far so good. The forest is such a wonderful place.
I better run. It’s time to go feed them. Oh, and if you’re wondering whether you are next, don’t worry. All the rooms are taken for now.

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