Sunday, April 15, 2012

Talk a Walk

DePaul CDM

It was that time of the day when she really didn’t have anything useful to do so she decided to amble through the park. To get her heart rate up, they said it was healthy, she bounced up to the pond until she started clumping. “Not in shape,” she said out loud scaring away a few birds. After all that upping of the heart rate, she faltered through the paths, exhausted. “This was not a good idea,” she thought. As she enthusiastically turned to leave, she tripped and footslogged in a puddle of mud close by. Ouch! Now she had done it. “Twisted ankle alert, twisted ankle alert..!” She gimped painfully. The frustration! Hobbling and lurching, fearful of any other puddle of mud attack, she darted towards the gates of the park. Mincing delicately nearby was a goose. Yes, a goose, an innocent white goose. She moseyed along aiming for the above mentioned gates. The goose, on the other hand, had different plans and nipped on towards her. She paced away as quickly as possible while the goose paraded proudly perambulating. Now she did not have the least intention of peregrinating with a goose on her tail but she could not avoid plodding and pounding. The goose pranced and promenaded merrily cutting her off. Yes, she could have stomped a bit to scare the goose away yet the goose swaggered towards her, getting weary of her avoidance maneuvers. She lifted her arms up and pretended to throw something in the opposite direction. The goose must have thought “food!” and traipsed a few feet away. It was her chance! She aimed for the gates and waddled off as fast as she could. The goose, well the goose wasn’t that happy and honked loudly “you stupid woman, I just wanted to invite you for a drink!” She didn’t turn to look and decided never to go back to the park, just in case!

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