Monday, April 9, 2012


Rose Theater

The numbers were prodigious. It was an impressive structure. It had cost millions. And no one used it. The builders were proud of it. The owners thought it was glorious. But no one used it. The magnificent and grand palace was dead in its glory. Until one day, tired of living in an old attic of an old manor house a few miles away up the hill from the palace, a retired four hundred year old ghost decided to move in. The owners thought it was quite strange that the till then empty and silent palace now had a few unusual rustles and bustles, swishes and crackles. There were hisses and even whispers as time moved on. It was really busy in the evening, especially in the ballroom. Now, the owners of the palace didn’t really know what to make of it. Until one of the ghosts, a certain Lord Ashdown of Avebury, tapped them on the shoulder one morning, which caused a big startle and commotion not to mention a momentary feeling of faintness, and offered to buy the palace from them. After recomposing themselves, the owners argued, and rightly so, that they could not sell the palace to a ghost to which Lord Ashdown of Avebury, doing justice to his name, ordered that they should be buried in the palace gardens never to be seen again. The palace owners, hearing of their own eminent death, wisely decided to make a donation to the other world and kindly offer the palace to the party of ghosts. Still today, many years later, till late at night, the village people can hear the loud sounds of music and dancing and laughing coming from the prodigious, impressive, glorious, magnificent, grand and filled palace!


  1. Sir Casper F.G.4/10/2012

    I still remember those fun balls at the castle, I met my love there, it was certainly glorious to see all the place full of "life". In Wiltshire everyone was impressed of Lord Ashdown and even some big names like J.Aubrey and W.Stukeley used to go there to enjoy their pipes and scotches with the dancing crowd.Those were great days, I think I am going back this weekend,I reckon it is about time after more than a century of absence. Thank you lady Gudkov for reminding me of this beautiful place and making me feel young at heart, you have a prodigious way to write about things that make your readers want to dream again!!

    1. Ah! Sir Casper, long time no talk! Thank you for your words. Perhaps one day we'll meet again. I would be delighted!