Thursday, May 17, 2012



“No Smoking!”
“No Food or Drinks!”
“Remain seated!”
“Keep hands inside car at all times!”
This was not funny, the kid thought. After all, it was a prize! He won, fairly too. He didn’t cheat. “You’ll ride the zeppelin,” they said.  And he believed them. How naïve of him, he now realized. THE zeppelin, as they repeated over and over again emphasizing the “THE” with great enthusiasm and deference, was nothing but a fair cart going through a tunnel. Oh yes, ghosts and skeletons and spooky sounds, he thought bored out of his wits. It was not his first ride at a fair. But to call it Zeppelin… They had tricked him… He spent weeks reading about Count Ferdinand, about flying and hovering and going back in time. And now he was stuck in a cart called Zeppelin. As the cart started rolling on its rails, it picked up so much speed that the kid had to grab the security handle firmly. That was NOT a Zeppelin; that was a killer ride! When it was over, the kid stumbled down from the cart as quickly as he could and threw the coldest look at the chuckling holiday camp monitors. If looks could kill… it would be fast like killer Zeppelin cart and not like the real placid zeppelin!

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