Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For The Good Of The Company


No one had ever thought about how long it would last. But she knew. It would last a little over a month. And how did she know? Well, she had been through many situations like this before. It was high time for her to just step up to the plate and say her piece. She stood up and raised her hand. Everyone looked at her amazed as she never said anything during those blasted meetings. All she ever did was drink coffee and sip her water. But not this time, she just rose up slowly and started talking when everyone shut up.
“It’s time to do something about this damn situation. We all know it will not change unless we try to act! Action, decision, planning, everything we used to do in a reverse manner. Now it’s chaos. Chaos is not helping the situation.”
Someone interrupted her and asked whether she had any plan up her sleeve and whether it was easy enough to make it happen. How about the resources? How about all the previous plans made with so much effort?
She knew this would not be easy. The old-fashioned faces sitting around the table had gotten used to their comfy little tasks. It would be tough to change things. But she was determined to do it.
“Well,” she started. “It’s no brainer when we say that the company is going down.”
The others looked at one another puzzled.
“It’s no brainer that we are all making this company sink. The clumsiness and the lack of direction will make it sink. What I propose is to restructure all the levels of decision and invert the pyramid. For one, I need a better parking space! No, I was just kidding to lighten up the mood. Now seriously, invert it, what is the newest thing out there? Glowy balls that jump randomly and get teleported home when lost? Old news. We need something new! And that is the teleporter itself!”
“But we don’t have a teleporter,” said someone at the back of the room.
“Do we even need it? We just need to make others believe we do have it! You’ll see a rush to all our products in the anticipation of that teleporter. We can milk this cow for months!”
“I don’t like it,” someone moaned.
“Well, inverted thought, inverted strategy! Who votes for the teleporter action?”
All but one hand was in the air.
“There we go! We are now officially launching a non-existent teleporter as the latest product!”

:D To anyone reading this blog, forgive the "ego" moment, but it was a lot of fun and without any editing a story did come out of this frenzy! 10 minutes of writing non-stop. The objective is to increase your writing pace and word count. It's a very interesting exercise and certainly a fun way of getting outside of my comfort zone (aka giving free rein to my obsessive inner editor!). For more info on Scrimmage writing, click the link above! I encourage everyone to participate!

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