Sunday, May 13, 2012

Strike, Team and Alpha

Fae Varriale's "Wonderland" 2012

“Not good,” Strike said peaking through the window.
Team nodded.
“What are you talking about?!” Alpha was angry.
“You go first, Strike.”
“Yes, explain what we mean,” replied Team.
“Ah!” said Strike with a sigh of relief.
 “This is a covert operation. What’s the problem?” asked Alpha annoyed.
Strike and Team looked anxious.
“Let’s go,” commanded Alpha.
Suddenly there was a loud noise, a shot.
 “Uh-oh…” said Strike.
Team nodded.
 “See, I told him. His wife wouldn’t like the surprise.  This Strike Team Alpha anniversary gift was a bad idea. Too kinky…”
Strike nodded.
“And cream,” replied Team.

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