Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Learning Path to Seek Wisdom

ImagiLearning Highlands
First there was an intention and ideas were brainstormed. Then a story was written. Finally a film was shot.
Between one end and the other, a growing process that  only made things more and more interesting.

Original Story
 “Seek wisdom,” she whispered, grasping for inspiration. She looked at the fig tree in awe. It was impressive. Would she achieve enlightenment through it? Would a fig fall on her head and… Oh wait, that was an apple! This task became a bit more complicated than she had anticipated. Of all the wise people she could think of, old Marius was the one she would trust entirely. She went over to his place to find a message on the table saying “Find me.” She was very unsettled by the note thinking something wrong might have happened, so decided to go to several places searching for Marius. Some were magical, some were scary. Some were places she would never set foot in had it not been for the will to find her friend. A few hours later, tired of walking, she sat down at a cafĂ©. The owner walked up to her and handed her a note. “What is this?” she asked. “Your friend left it here for you.” She opened the note and read “Seeking someone is not easy. Seeking something is not easy. Seeking is not easy.” She was puzzled by that note. Of course, it was not easy. Going to places, talking to people, thinking about life, admiring nature, all these could lead to wisdom. Perhaps she didn’t need Marius after all. She decided to go back to Campus and to the fig tree. As she arrived, there was an owl perched on a branch. She sat down and looked at the owl. After a few minutes, the owl asked “Well?” She got startled. Who had talked?! “Up here.” She looked up. “Ahm… I must be hallucinating… I hear voices,” she said. “No, it’s me! How difficult is it to understand. Aren’t you looking for something?” “I am. I am looking for wisdom and for Marius, to be honest.” The owl flapped his wings briefly and said “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”  She pondered. Marius never took himself too seriously, true. But he was wise. “Yes, my dear. I am Marius.” The owl flew down to where she was sitting “to be wise is to see beyond the obvious. It is to seek and never give up. You found me. Let us continue this journey together.” She smiled.

The storyboard by London Junkers.


Final LnL Square Machinima - "Seek Wisdom".

 This was a project nourished by London Junkers and myself for 
the UWA Machinima Challenge.


  1. Hi Lizzie... I missed this one in the chaos of the week. This post really triggered something in my imagination. First, I love the story you are creating and I love the storyboard too.

    Maybe it's this, I can see how to storyboard a machinima. It may sound like a duh, but I'm a stranger in a strange land when it comes to writing a screenplay. The possibilities for using SL to write a story are amazing.

    1. :)) Thank you for your words! SL is indeed an amazing means to go beyond what we would usually do in RL. I had never thought of creating a story for a film nor taking part in it, and SL gave us that possibility. I am the word-person, London is the image-person. We brainstormed the story and built the dialogs together. Then we scouted the locations and took pics trying to come up with the "flow" of the film. Finally, we shot it. London did an amazing job bringing the story to life. If you like working with other people, count us in. Feel free to get in touch with us inworld!