Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Dark Side by Anley Piers
 “She always talks to sea-horses,” they would mumble behind her back.”What a seedy obsession”.
“Shameful,” said others. “Frightful creatures.”
A long time had passed since she started looking at those hated creatures with a certain amount of curiosity. Sea-horses were evil, neither earthly nor heavenly. Sea-horses didn’t walk, they floated. Sea-horses were black and gray.  Sea-horses were considered to have all the worst possible features imagined and she simply could not understand why. When she talked to them for the first time, they even smiled an unheard thing in sea-horses.
Everyone stopped addressing her. Everyone looked away as she walked by. She became an outcast, an outcast but among the sea-horses.
One day, she woke up and, much to her amazement, she was floating.
“Soon, you’ll see the world as we do,” the sea-horses said.
“Full of wonderful colors.”


  1. Lizzie, I love this story, and all of your blog entries :)

  2. Thank you so much, Carrie!
    Writing is such a magical thing, isn't it? :))