Friday, May 11, 2012



“Ladies and Gentlemen, this year’s anniversary will be slightly different. His Royal Highness has decided that instead of giving away vegetables and meat so you can feed your families during these times of need, you will hear him sing.”
The crowd growled in discontent.
The emissary raised her hands.
“Please, please… Let’s not…” she said trying to control the fury building up.
Suddenly, she was interrupted by a woman who stood right in front of her. When the woman spoke, everyone quieted down.
“It seems to be a good idea, considering…” she started.
People looked at one another incredulously. The emissary gleamed.
“The only problem is that he won’t be able to sing.”
“Why not?” asked the emissary frowning.
The old woman pointed at the horizon where they could see four horsemen drawing near.
“They are coming.”
The emissary ran into the castle. The crowd scattered in all directions, locking their doors.
“We don’t need vegetables now, do we?”
And the woman started to sing.

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