Sunday, May 25, 2014


Collins Land

“No one will die on my watch,” barked the cop. “Give yourself up, so we can go home safely.”

The problem was that the man was not going home safely. He would be arrested and sent to jail. “I didn’t do it,” he protested.

“Good. Walk this way and we’ll sort things out.”

When he came out, hands in the air, wearing nothing but filthy clothes, he thought there was hope.

Suddenly someone yelled, “He has a gun.” And a barrage of deafening shots made him collapse.

No gun was found and the real killer was caught two days later.


  1. oh Lizzie. Sad but so many times true!!

    1. Yes... While I've been doing the MOOC writing course, I've felt a stronger need to develop the characters a bit more. But a drabble doesn't allow us a lot of room for that, so I had to cut a bit of that side of him.